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Welcome to modern Ink . My name is Lounda Kay , I work with my sister Lawrence in order to share issues that plague the human world. We also share many useful tips for activities , education, cooking, life, hope and happiness. Come along and join us in our jouney.

Introducing the author's

My name is Lawrence. I graduated college in 2014 with a bachelor in psychology and public health. I aspire to become a nurse educator or a nurse practitioner. I am currently working on my nursing education and I plan on finishing by the beginning of 2017. On my spare time, my sister Linda Kay and I write blogs. I enjoy doing it and read comments from others. We work as a team to be able to help and supplement others with ideas for special occasions such as weddings. I am not married nor have any kids. I speak 4 different languages and spend my times in the internet getting informed and looking for ways to help my community. I work at a mental health facility and I reside in the sunshine state, Florida. I like keeping myself busy. My sister, Linda kay plays the clarinet. She’s also a member of the ROTC, AICE program at her High School. I used to play the saxophone and run track & field, and cross country as part of extracurricular. I still manage to stay active and run on my spare times.